About Us

Hey! Dave and Mark, authors of Electronic Cigarette Review Site here. We created the site in 2009, because we were interested in e cigarettes, but were not able to find unbiased good quality information about e cigs on the web. So, we conducted the heavy research ourselves and tried out several brands and published the site. As we got really good feedback from the visitors of the site, we started to add more information continuously. By now, we have tried out dozens of different electronic cigarette brands (companies are sending the kits for free to us to get their products reviewed :), although we are not creating a review about every single product we have tried.)

Our purpose is to provide honest reviews about the popular e cigarette brands. We have tested most of the brands on our site ourselves, but in addition we are gathering feedback from other users. The “top” listis generated as a combination of the two. When creating the list of top products we take into consideration:

  • Amount of vapor the e cig produces
  • How long the battery lasts
  • How long a cartridge lasts
  • How good the flavors are
  • Overall quality (leakage, non-fuctioning cartridges, battery quality etc)
  • Customer service quality

There are lots of scam electronic cigarette products available on the market. Also, there is so much false information about e cigarettes on the web – companies have paid off many review sites to put their low quality products to top positions. They are generating false comments and reviews to promote themselves etc. We are an independent site and are providing only honest reviews by real users. We take it very seriously to provide only valuable and unbiased information, and we are sure that with our reviews we can help our visitors to make the best choice of which brand would suit them.


Our main goal is to warn users about low quality and scam products, and give recommendations to visitors about which e cigarette brands are preferred. 


Dave and Mark aka Electronic Cigarette Review Site Team