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Volcano E Cigs

The Volcano Electronic Cigarette is one of the fastest-rising brands in the market of electronic cigarette now. It has achieved a lot of positive reviews from many electronic smokers because of its quality and superb customer service. While the materials of volcano electronic cigarettes are not exactly as exceptional as many other popular brands, it […]

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are some of the best products created for smokers. As most of these people find it too hard to quit smoking, e-cigarettes are great alternatives. Now, they can still smoke without the risk of getting lung-cancer and other serious health problems. Some people might think that e-cigarettes are expensive but this is not necessarily […]

E Cigarette Safety

E-cigarettes, just like other electronic gadgets, can pose harm to users when not handled properly. For example, if the device falls and if the cartridge breaks, it can harm the environment, pets and also your children. If batteries are not handled correctly, they could even explode in your mouth. Well, this incident has actually happened […]

Electronic Cigarette Dangers

Sadly there has not been done a lot of research about the absolute safety of electronic cigarettes. It is believed to be safer to use compared to regular smoking sticks because it is free from the 4000 harmful chemicals and because you can control the amount of nicotine you consume. Ecigs don’t produce carbon monoxide, […]

E Cigarette Free Trials: Are They Worth Your Time?

A lot of people would like to switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes due to health issues. However, some of them are not really sure if this move would work for them. The one thing that they want to avoid is to lose money while trying to figure this out. “What if I spend hundreds […]

Disposable E Cigarette

If you have been reading about e-cigarettes, you probably already know about the 2 popular designs of this device: the two-piece (with the cartomizer) and thee-piece (with the cartridge). Aside from these, there are also disposable or one-piece design e-cigarettes available. What is the  disposable electronic cigarette? A disposable electronic cigarette is basically a version […]

Best E Liquids – Top Three

There are many things you should pay attention to when buying your first e cigarette kit. E-liquid (also called e-juice) is one of them. With the 2-piece e cig design (pre-filled cartomizers) it is really important to pick a brand that has great juice, as you cannot switch the cartomizers to another brand. But in […]

Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Your electronic cigarette either comes with a pre-filled cartridge (cartomizer) that you need to replace every now and then or a separate atomizer and cartridge, which you have to refill yourself. But did you ever wonder what the contents of these containers might be? Read on to find out. The liquids in you pre-packed cartridges […]

EGO Electronic Cigarette

The EGO electronic cigarettes are manufactured and produced by Joyetech. Popularly known to e-cigarette smokers as “Joye”, the company prides itself for being the inventor of several top designs of this device. Several critics agree that Joye is one of the top innovators in this industry. EGO is a brand series from Joye. Several types […]

Best E Cigs – Top Seven Brands

When people are about to buy electronic cigarette, the first thing that they check out are the popular brand names that have impressive track record in the industry. These brand names have grown a large following and known how to offer high quality e-cigarettes that give you 100% satisfaction. This is why, buying from these […]

E Cigarette Coupons And Other Tips to Save

Just like when buying other electronic products, quality is the top priority when looking for e-cigarettes. You would want to get something that is durable and something that can offer you 100% satisfaction. The other more important thing to consider is the price. At $50-$200/piece, e-cigarettes are more expensive compare to regular ones. However, there […]

Electronic Cigarette Price

Aside from amazing health benefits, buying electronic cigarette is also pocket-friendly. Although one stick would cost more compare to a pack of real cigarette, you can use this one stick over and over again. A regular kit usually cost around $60 and it includes 5 catridges that should last over a week or longer depending […]

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The electronic cigarette is a revolutionary breakthrough technology that allows people to smoke without putting themselves and their health at risk. The use of such device instead of a regular smoke can greatly reduce the risk of lung problems and related conditions. But what is the genius behind this great piece of technology? How does […]

E Cigarette Starter Kits: What Would You Expect To Get

Your E-Cigarette Starter Kits: What You Would Expect To Get E-cigarette (or electronic cigarette) is the single, most efficient way to satisfy your urge to smoke without putting yourself and your health at risk. If it is your habit to smoke but you are worried about the harmful effects that smoking brings, using an e-cigarette […]