Electronic Cigarette Comparison Table

Name / Rating Starter Kit Price
Green Smoke $65 to $129
A bit expensive, but definitely the best rated electronic cigarette. Only negative side is that the battery lasts less than some cometitors’ (and this is actually logical, as the cigarette is really small)
White Cloud Cirrus $60 to $200
The most expensive and excluseve electronic cigarette. Starter kit includes lots of accessories, vapor is great, flavors are awsome. The negative side – price.
V2 Cigs $25 to $150
A fast growing brand in the US. Prices are low, quality is good. Excellent choice for e cigarette newbies. Many starter kits and accessories available.
South Beach Smoke $60 to $159
A good quality newcomer on the e cigarette market. If you enroll yourself in their Home Delivery Program, you’ll get an amazing price for the starter kit and a lifetime replacement warranty.
blu Cigs $70 to $90
Quite cheap electronic cigarette. But in this case cheap does NOT mean bad quality. Excellent ecigs if your are looking for your first electronic cigarette.
SmokeStik $89.95 to $99.95
A popular brand sold in everywhere in the US. Comfortable and easy to use. Users have given great reviews. Cannot five 5 starst though as not too many reviews available on the web.
Njoy cigarettes $69.95
Also a well rated e-cigarette. Some users have experienced quality problems with atomizers though.
LUCI $99.99 to $249.99
You either love it or hate it. Some users have found it to be the best electronic cigarette, some say it is awful. Great customer service.
Royal Blue $99.95
Has a free trial. But reviews are not very good.
Cooler Visions $89.95 – 129.95
No actual user opinions available. The design of the package looks very similar to Smoke Assist, so might be by the same producer.
Smoke Assist $79.95
They say you get a free electronic cigarette if you buy 20 cartridges for $79.95. User comments are very bad.
Smart Smoker $39.99
Price seems very low, but user reviews are awful. No one seems to like it, some even say it’s a scam.
Knight Sticks $99.90
They have a 10-day free trial, but the user comments are awful. Most probably Knight Sticks is a scam product.
Gamucci $84.99
A product with very low user ratings. Just a re-branded bad quality e cigarette