Knight Sticks Review

Knightsticks ReviewKnight Sticks electronic cigarettes have a fancy free-trial campaign, but before you make the purchase, it is highly recommended to review the actual user comments below.

  • Starter Kit Price: $99.90
  • Cartridge Price: monthly supply of 15 cartridges: $49.90 (+ $9.95 for shipping and handling)
  • Free trial: 10-day free trial, then automatically billed for the full price
  • Flavors: not known
  • Nicotine level: not known

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The starter kit of Knight Sticks E-Cigarettes includes an electronic cigarette with a lithium battery, two nicotine cartridge refills and a USB charger. One nicotine cartridge is equal to 2 packs of analog cigarettes. The atomizer is of stainess steel.

Warranty: 60-day manufacturer replacement warranty


All Knight Sticks reviews are really bad. Seems like a scam product. Watch out!

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Here is what our visitors users have said:

  1. Comment by Lloyd Keimig (Date: June 25, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    First of the Free trial is not a scam !!! You pay only 9.99 for shipping and handling. The membership is to cover your e-cig. If you ever have a problem with the cig or the chargers or anything they will replace free of charge. That is what the membership covers. In the membership You get 10 cartridges (that are refillable). At least for 3 times before you have to throw them away. Any Problems or concerns they have delt with promptly and professionally. Like most people you dont want to invest a bunch of money you may not have to make a healthier change in your life. They make it easier for you !! THIS IS NOT A SCAM. It is a membership.

  2. Comment by ledon (Date: August 20, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    WHAT A SCAM!!! I ordered the trial offer and NEVER signed up for repete orders! Yet the day it arrived I then got to read the terms and conditions,Which say IFI ENROLL IN THE REFILL MEMBERSHIP!!!  My 10 dollar trial has turned into 100 dollar bill and THEY already enrolled me in the refill membership.WHAT A SCAM!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!

  3. Comment by Ted Lanning (Date: August 30, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I dealt directly with customer service thru email and always received very quick response.  Not much luck dealing with customer service via phone.  I paid $99 dollars for my kit with 10 extra cartridges and NO  automatic monthly shipping.  GO figure 

  4. Comment by val miller (Date: September 21, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Knight sticks is a con. They bill through a California company (you will not be able to contact a human at the number they provide on your credit card statement) called IT Source Corp. and they also are affiliated with a company that is called, which is not out of Alaska, as you may expect; rather, it is out of Panama. They charge an international service fee to your credit card to wash the money through Panama. Their email suggests they are located in Ontario, Canada. They offer a free trial, but you must cancel within 10 days of billing. They bill 2 months behind, so unless you are clairvoyant, you would be unable to cancel within 10 days since their billing cycle dates are undisclosed.
    The only human you will reach should you choose to complain will be the same female I have spoken to at least twice. You can reach her when you call the original phone number on the email from "Knight Sticks" and then press 4. She will let you know you're out $100 and there are no returns and there's nothing you can do to retrieve your money.  
    I'm so disgusted with the con, I've had them since Jan. and haven't even tried them. I'm sure they suck just like their marketing campaign does.

  5. Comment by Sam (Date: December 27, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    This Is a Scam…I too ordered the free trial and paid for the S & H.. I was billed 99 dollars and got the Knight stick and 1 day later go another package which contained 10 more refils that,I didn’t want. The product was not what I expected at all ..It didn’t taste good.. burnt my throat. I call a lot of times with no responce..after a week of calls I did get a lady on the phone told her I wanted a refund for everything but the 9.95 for S & H on the trial that I felt I did owe..I wanted to try it …I tried it… Didn’t like it.. Thus leaving me owing the 9.95. However the other 110.00 in charges they ran on my card I wanted. She refused my refund…said it should have been done within the 10 days from billing…I explained i spent a week trying to get a hold of them. It was pointless. I never got my money back..ended up getting another package of 10 refills a month later and charged for them as well. I ended up closing my card and getting another I have this product and 22 refills lol that I can’t stand…I feel This Company Is up to no good.

  6. Comment by Breana (Date: February 1, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 3

    This is funny! I went to my local smoke store and bought the starter kit for 23.00. The battery, two cartridges, and a charger in the pack. I don’t know why they are selling it for a little over 20 dollars in a smoke shop but over 100.00 online. Anyways, it taste nothing like a cigarette and it will irritate your throat if you hit it hard enough. Almost like a powder hitting the back of your throat. I am going to try other kinds of e-cigs to find one that really taste like a cigarette but for all of you out there, if you dont mind the taste then it is a great product. I don’t have any need for feel any need to smoke a regular cigarette after puffing in this. Good luck to you all!!

  7. Comment by Mike (Date: December 13, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 3

    i live in california and picked up a starter pack for like 40 bucks at a smoke shop and not online so i am pretty pleased with the product and didn’t get ripped off like a lot of people seem to have been. the only fishy thing is none of the websites listed on the product are impossible to get to.

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