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Njoy Electronic Cigarette ReviewNjoy Electronic Cigarettes are well known, cheap, and sold in every gas station and kiosk. But lots of users are complaining about their quality. You can read several user comments and reviews below. Although, there are 7 other e-cig brands rated better than Njoy on our site. Click here to check out which brands are better than Njoy!

  • Starter Kit Price: $21.99 – $45.99
  • Cartridge Price: $21.99 (5 cartridges)
  • Free trial: not available
  • Flavors: 2 (traditional and menthol)
  • Nicotine level: 4 (up to 18mg)
  • Vapor level: poor
  • Discount code: not available
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Product Description

Njoy has changed their product a lot during the recent years. The price has gone down, but together with that also the quality. It used to be a decent product in the past, but sadly not any-more. The biggest problems are that there could be leakage (the liquid could get into your mouth and harm your skin) and the parts break down (battaries won’t function, plastic parts just break).

Also, Njoy electronic cigarettes used to have 5 different flavors (Menthol, Apple, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Tobacco), now they only have 2 – traditional tobacco and menthol. Njoy has a 2-piece design (battery + cartomizer) and pre-filled cartridges.

The Njoy cigs have nicotine content in varied strengths, which is commonly categorized under four groups: Regular (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6mg) and Zero (0mg).

Njoy has 2 starter kits available:

  • Express kit (one battery, one cartridge, one USB charger), which costs $21.99
  • Deluxe kit (two batteries, ten cartridges, 1 USB charger and 1 wall charger), costing $45.99

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


There were some good Njoy reviews in the past, but now that they have changed to the cheaper models, almost all the reviews say that the product is terrible. A lot of users have experienced quality problems, especially with batteries and leakage of cartomizers. But, at least the company’s customer service is good, not like with some other electronic cigarette companies. But our suggestion is to go with another brand, as most likely you’d be very disappointed with the product.

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Here is what our visitors users have said:

  1. Comment by dave go (Date: September 3, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    they can work pretty well.
    the NJOY and NPRO products are garbage and their customer service is horrible! go with another brand unless you like a mouthful of liquid nicotine when you draw…
    and don’t be fooled by all of NJoy’s websites that are made to look like actual consumer reviews! they are sneaky like that.

  2. Comment by DeAnna (Date: December 27, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 1

    NJOY is horrible. I tried it yesterday and used the traditional flavor. It taste like a pine tree or something and the taste stayed with me for hours leaving me sick to my stomach. After each puff it left a bitter nasty taste on my lips….it was simply horrible.

  3. Comment by Erik (Date: January 5, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    This is the first e-cig I have tried. I am thrilled at the concept of a cigarette without all the carcinogens, but so far NJoy has been a very big disappointment. I went with them because they are available at my local 7-11 store. My first battery stopped charging after a week. My second battery lasts about 3 hrs of only moderate smoking before recharging. 3 cartridges completely burned up inside because the battery wouldn’t shut off. 25% of the cartridges leak fluid into your mouth or fall apart. Getting smoke out of them is like what you go through before you realize your traditional cigarette is broken. I am currently waiting for another brands package to arrive before I give up, of course I ordered that 1 1/2 weeks ago. 🙁

    New York

  4. Comment by Lee (Date: January 16, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    As a 40 year smoker I can say this is the best invention ever my cravings for cigarettes has all dimised kids wife are most happy and my out look better yea I know there are others who say they have bad experiences and how it doesn’t work and just knock and hate on the product hey that’s. Society keep doing what you guys do for me its the best. Ever my smoking has decreased a lot. For 40 years of smoking. Thanks for you alternative smoking product fda should give their approval on this but its all politics and money with them. Thanks for njoy

  5. Comment by Harold (Date: February 7, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I bought my N.Joy about a year ago.. although i dont use it every day, Mostly when i go to business meetings and long lunchs.. I have had absolutly no problems whith mine (as some of the other post here has had )
    After a year, My batteries still charge well and hold their charges…
    So My thoughts and experience with N-Joy is a great product…! !

  6. Comment by Brenda (Date: February 20, 2011, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I rate this njoy product a 4. I did have one cartridge that come apart when I bought the mini starter kit. But the larger expensive kit – the cartridges are lasting two-three days. I was a three pack a day smoker (of generic cigarettes which burnt up when you were not puffing) I look to save about $200 monthly useing the NJOY e cigarettes.

  7. Comment by Randyy (Date: February 26, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    hi I have had njoy ecig for about 10 mo.now and dont have any problems with my battery I charged it for 3 hours after the light turn green saying it was done charging like the guy told me to [that I bought it from] it stays charged for a week or longer and a bottle of 5 cart. last me 4 or 5 weeks and I dont smoke anymore thanks ecig

  8. Comment by Carolyn (Date: March 12, 2011, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I bought my Njoy ecig at a local smoke shop. It was well worth the 49.99. One battery didnt work but after an email to njoy I had a replacement in three days. The cartridges are lasting two to three days. This product is awesome. However, before ordering online check your local smoke shops they are usually cheaper.

  9. Comment by Eddie (Date: March 14, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    This was my second e-cig i ever purchased! I still love it and it has never let me down! I purchased it because i live in new york and the local 7-ellevens around long island sell them so its easy to get refills when needed! that was a fear of mine buying these e-cigs. The N Joy Express/Mini i purchased for $20 and it came with battery and 2 carts with built in atimisers. Well these are the initial one’s that got me off smoking! Not the best and not the worst but for 20 bucks i could and would never complain. I still use it till this day. I choose to refill my own juice though! If anyone knows of any blank cartriges with built in mizers that work with N Joy that would be helpfull! Thanks

  10. Comment by Janeen (Date: March 18, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    My husband’s store started selling these not too long ago, and because he keeps asking me to quit smoking, I thought I would give these a try.

    The taste is OK… for the first 2-3 puffs, then it starts to taste like you’re sucking on plastic. Not to mention the burning in the back of my throat or the horrible nose bleeds these things have caused. I haven’t had a nose bleed since I was 10, and after the first day of smoking these, I get 3-4 a day. I even stopped smoking them for a week, thinking maybe I was just coming down with something and the nose bleeds stopped. I tried them again, and again, 3-4 nose bleeds a day.

    I decided I could handle the nose bleeds to keep my husband happy, so when his store started selling the light refill cartridges, I thought maybe those would be a little better. 5 different purchases and over $100 later, out of the 25 refills purchased, only 3 have worked. Most of them, a light puff would fill my mouth with the un-vaporized “juice” in the filter, with the rest just not giving anything, no matter how long I charged the batteries, or how many time I checked to make sure they were connected properly.

    I haven’t tried any other types of electronic cigarettes, yet, but I will never put another dollar into Njoy and would never recommend these to anyone, ever!

  11. Comment by Phil (Date: March 20, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I bought the starter kit two weeks ago at a local store. Within three days one of the batteries started going off by itself and I had to keep loosening it from the cartridge between hits. It’s dead now and won’t recharge at all. The other battery worked ok at first lasting a day but now it goes dead in about 50 hits.

    The store told me I have to send it in to the manufacturer. I should have read the reviews on e-cigs before I bought any and you should too starting with this one. These are junk, completely unreliable, and a waste of money. As a result I’m back to regular cigarettes until my order from another brand arrives.

  12. Comment by David A. (Date: March 23, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I bought a “Starter Pack” (One Battery, One Cartridge, and a charger) at a gas station in town, as soon as I got home, I charged it completely and smoked on it for a little while, after about an hour or so (not straight) I stopped getting any vapor, then it started leaking!… so I emailed them and got a response the next day, she asked for my address, and sent me 2 batteries, and 2 cartages! I got them in the mail in about a week, and they worked fine… however one of the cartridges cracked (probably from being in my pocket) and then came apart… I found a kit that will change it from an all in one disposable cartridge to a refillable unit that I can use different flavors with (found at esmokeclub(dot)com)…. Overall, I think they have a good idea for a cheaper E-Cigarette, but their manufacturing (or possibly Quality Assurance) is a little rough…. Customer service (from what I found) was Excellent! one more thing, I am not entirely pleased on how long it lasts (for me about 2.5 days)

  13. Comment by David A. (Date: March 23, 2011, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    (add to my last) I (FURTHER) disassembled the one that broke apart… they are very cheaply made, poorly soldered points…. (Basically it creates a little heater inside, that heats up the surrounding cotton, which is soaked in the flavored ‘nic’ fluid… causing it to vaporize, which you inhale) … but if you drop the cartrige, it will cause the “heating element” to come un-soldered from the wiring…

    (Sometimes I creep myself out….)

  14. Comment by jennifer lundy (Date: March 31, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    My husband and i started using these a few days ago and im very happy with it. We were both smokers of about 2 packs a day and have cut down to only 10 real cigs a day now. I honestly think if we didnt have any in the house we wouldnt even miss the real cigs. will be spending lots less money as well. I Couldnt be happier and i have told all of my friends on facebook about them as well. Thanks for makin a wonderful product.

  15. Comment by eff (Date: April 6, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 4

    Had it for about a day so far so good.

  16. Comment by mark brennan (Date: April 10, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 4

    i just bought the NJOY EXPRESS/MINI CIGARETTE and i tried it for 2 days and i cant seem to get enough vapor from it it does taste different compare to a real cigarette but im gonna keep tryin it out. I only got mine for $20 bucks at the 7-11 store up the street where i lived

  17. Comment by Mike Callahan (Date: May 13, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Can I give this thing 0 stars? I bought a few of these and some menthol carts from 7-11. The first one I had was good, the carts were also very good. I bought a second battery as a backup this thing doesn’t even charge. Bought another battery / starter kit and the carts were all burnt tasting after 3 drags. I will say when you get a good cart ( 40 percent of the time so far ) the menthol is the best and good vapor, but it is so inconsistent you will waste your money at least two thirds of the time.

  18. Comment by DJ (Date: May 24, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 2

    I bought the NJOY EXPRESS/MINI at a local 7-11. The product works well enough that I have not smoked a regular cig in 4 days. (I was a pack a day smoker beforehand). That being said: I think (and hope) there must be better e-cigs available. The NJOY EXPRESS/MINI’s performance is quite inconsistent. I have experienced many of the same problems others have posted: leaky cartridges, inconsistent cartridge life, and inconsistent battery life. I’d say the product works as it’s supposed to about 65-70% of the time. I bought a backup one because of this…probably should’ve spent the $ on a different e-cig brand, but I was desperate to quit real cigs and wanted to buy some time while I researched other brands. Another very annoying thing about the NJOY EXPRESS/MINI: I can barely use it while driving. Bumps in the road (or even the car stereo) will cause it to start “smoking itself” resulting in killing battery life and wasting cartridge contents. (Also got pretty damn hot!) I watched a video by a gentleman on youtube who suggested getting an e-cig with an on/off button to eliminate the e-cig going on by itself. So I will be looking for another brand of e-cig to stick with, but if you’re desperate to stop smoking NOW, the NJOY EXPRESS/MINI works well enough to use while you’re searching for a better, more consistently performing e-cigarette. Good luck to all!

  19. Comment by BK (Date: June 4, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    DO NOT BUY. I repeat… DO NOT BUY!!! These are the WORST e-cigs on the market. After just a couple days, when unscrewing the cartridge for a re-charge, it completely came apart and now won’t even work! I had to change to another cartridge and these things are the MOST expensive on the market!!! Aside from this, the taste is HORRIBLE, the battery requires charging constantly, there is barely a throat hit and barely any vap-smoke!!! Please save your $$! I know they are convenient because they are so easily available in many stores/gas stations, but just do a little research & order a better brand online! (This item I am reviewing is the “newer” NJOY “NPRO” 2N1)

  20. Comment by Bob (Date: June 7, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 3

    I haven’t gotten around to trying any other brands yet (still waiting on the Green Smoke and Blu Cigs starter packs) but Njoy isn’t too bad. I still prefer regular cigarettes but a single pack has lasted me a little less than 2 weeks so far which, considering I’d go through a pack and a half each day, is pretty damn good in my opinion.

    I’m not to hot on the taste but it’s not terrible and the convenience of not having to drop whatever I’m doing to step outside earns Njoy 1 star by itself (so it’d be a 2 otherwise).

    One thing I’d like to say is that I haven’t had any problems with leaking cartridges or anything else but I suppose I could have just been lucky in that regard.

    Overall, Njoy is a decent enough product but nothing spectacular. Better than I had expected though so I’m looking forward to the day I finally get the packages I ordered a week ago (1 to 3 days my ***).

  21. Comment by Sam (Date: July 11, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I don’t know about other electronic cigarettes but nJoy has been an absolute life saver for me. I’m in my late 20’s and been a smoker for 9 odd years with many unsuccessful attempts at quitting the stick. This finally did it!! No, I don’t work for them but the product is actually quite well made.
    I have no problems with the battery and it’s been six months already. Unfortunately for me, I lost it and I had to buy a new replacement, which to me isn’t that expensive. However, the white striped paint or the finish on the battery started peeling off and started to look ugly. So I scraped them off to reveal the shiny metal underneath and had them polished and works great! The battery holds up pretty good even now.

    Here’s a tip on how to avoid getting that nasty nicotine fluid in your mouth: I have found this generally happens when you’re either new to using this stuff or if the cartridge itself is a new one. The key is to smoke (or draw it in) it real slow for the initial couple of puffs. It should be alright after that.
    Customer service is good too. When I was a novice user, I had issues with my cartridges and how it leaked in my mouth. They replaced it for me for free after contacting them online. But ever since I got hold of the “right technique”, I have never had to replace any. I guess nJoy has to have this put up on their FAQs or something.
    But anyway, my wife and my parents are a lot happier with me quitting the tobacco and I can’t thank these electronic cigarette companies enough, especially nJoy! By the way, if you ever bought that other e-cigarette (black) at 7-11 for $10, you can use that with your nJoy cartridges as a battery replacement. They seem to work just as well and you can save money!!
    Oh and this is a great conversation starter too!
    Have fun using it and live longer! 😛

  22. Comment by Mike (Date: July 26, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I have been intrigued by e-cigarettes for quite and while, and when the local gas station had the NJOY Express Mini for $20 I had to try it. I can say this is a terrible product. The first one I bought worked well for about a day and then the battery starting dying very quickly. So, I returned it and got another one. Exact same problem with that one. Most of the cartridges I used leaked, and one even broke apart in my pocket. Do not buy this worthless product. In fact, I would avoid all NJOY products and go for something like Green Smoke or at least Blu.

  23. Comment by j schmidt (Date: July 29, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I bought this e cigarette from a local 7-11 about 1 month ago. I got the Menthol one and the pack of cartridges which together cost me a little over 40 bucks. I followed the instructions and the very first puff was pretty good. I thought “great” I have a cool alternative if I crave a cigarette!! I never got a lot of vapor EVER and out of the 5 cartridges 1 worked! The others either busted or leaked liquid all in my mouth!! The worst taste ever. Each time I contacted their customer service department and they would have me mail each one back and they would replace it. I did this about 3 times with my own postage. Then the battery would not hold a charge so the rep had me send that back, and Ihad to wait about 5 days to get the replacement. This meant that I had to buy 2 disposable ones which were over 10 dollars each. So far that’s over 60 dollars spent!! I was happy to get the new battery and this one was not holding a charge for longer than 4 hours max! The rep advised me that it is designed to only hold a charge for about that long and that it is not meant to be treated as a cigarette but only to be used in emergancy type situations. Like if you go out to eat and don’t want to excuse yourself from the table but can’t wait for a cigarette either. The customer service was wonderful, but its up to you if you want to chance buying their e cigarette.

  24. Comment by Sergio (Date: August 9, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I can barely take a hit I have to suck on it forever to get a full throat hit. Doesn’t taste that great and the cartridges are not even refillable. Got it at 7-Eleven for $20, what do you expect…

  25. Comment by Mike (Date: August 16, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I’m going to try to use up the initial purchase, if I think I can. The taste is bad, but acceptable. The problem I’m having is that 2 out of the first 3 cartridges shorted out. The first time it was in my shirt pocket and nearly caused a blister on my chest. The second time I found it shorted out where I laid it down. Both times the heat was enough to cause it to burn a hole in the cartridge. I’m going to try to keep them disconnected when not in use from now on.

  26. Comment by Gregory Jones (Date: August 16, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 2

    Firstly, I have recently changed brands of E-Cig due to the horrid quality of this Njoy Npro series.

    While I do enjoy that I can walk in to any 7-11 or Racetrack gas station to pick up refills, well ease is not always best.

    secondly, let me speak on quality.

    Whole the Njoy Npro is vastly larger than most, it does put out a decent amount of vapor, but not as much as one would like.

    It was build poorly in my honest opinion.

    I boght one, it was working good enough that I stopped smoking real cigerettes I bought another and the case from the site to keep it all in, but soon the first battery broke, always carefull to not over tighten I found the red wire in the battery had seperated from the poorly soldered tip that connects to the cartridge.

    I sent it back to the company for the 1 year warrentee and 5 weeks later still nothing, and when I call I get a nice run around.

    Now the second one has just broke, I have now lost 2 of these within 3 months.

    In all stay away from this brand because at this rate they wont be in business much longer.

    The cartridges leak often, if you forget a take a powerfull hit your left with black fluid on your lips and fingers.

    The cart overheats far to easily and they do not really last long.

    I was a pack a day smoker, if this = 1 pack why do I go through two a day? I dont smoke these anymore than I did my real cigs so what gives!?

    There genuine leather case is more like leather printed spandex wrapped around a fairly junky box that rips very easily.


  27. Comment by Jenn (Date: August 23, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 3

    NJOY would be awesome if it wouldn’t leave the liquid nicotine stuff on my lips… yuck that taiste reallllly bad. Other than that they are ok… still seem to jones for my regular cigs now and them. These tend to make my through burn too… might be the liquid stuff that comes out of the cart. IDK we’ll see if this works or not!

  28. Comment by NatalieM (Date: August 26, 2011, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I bought mine this morning and it is working wonderfully so far. Seems like good quality to me at least! No leakage yet and the battery has held up all day. I don’t expect it to taste exactly like a cigarette, but it is somewhat close and it is really cool how it feels like I am really smoking. I have been concerned with my health as well as premature aging and this is my only hope for the moment, until I figure out how not to have the psychological urge to smoke. I think they are great! If I have any future problems I can sure post it, but hopefully that doesn’t happen. 🙂

  29. Comment by Teresa (Date: September 25, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I bought this yesterday and it is not the first e-cigarette I have used. I let it charge fully and took three hits off it and the battery died! It will not charge again and after reading all the reviews on this site, I am afraid to waste my money on another one. I guess I will have to drive an extra 20 miles to get cartridges for the other e-cigarette I have. It hasn’t let me down yet and I have had it for 3 months!

  30. Comment by Laura (Date: November 14, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I’ve been smoking a pack and a half of 100mm, menthol cigarettes every day. I’ve switched to NJoy. Their cartridges last longer than a pack of regular cigarettes. It also indicates on their web site that the refill (5 cartridges) is approximately equivalent to a carton of cigarettes which holds pretty true for me – last a week to 10 days. Menthol flavor is good; smoking is smooth. Price is reasonable. Only issue for me (and I suspect it’s the same for all e-cigs) is the weight of the unit. Whole pack of cigarettes doesn’t weigh as much.

  31. Comment by B. Bennett (Date: December 22, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Tried this brand after no stock of Blu cig disposable. Big mistake. Poor quality. Stopped working after less than 25 hits. Popped and hissed the entire time. For me, Njoy is a waste of money and could be dangerous if the popping sound comes from the battery.

  32. Comment by NELHAOTEC (Date: January 13, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    The NJoy disposable cigarettes are cheaper than some of the others I have seen, but it is still not worth it. The taste is bad, the after taste is bad, and it feels as though you are sucking on air. The vapor is very thin when compared to other disposable brands. I am not sure why 7-11 even stocks this brand.

  33. Comment by ben still (Date: January 19, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I just bought a disposible njoy e cigg. its hits are strange and the taste just taste like straight up asshole. dont get it.

  34. Comment by Joyce (Date: January 21, 2012, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I give it a -0 rating. Bought it at walmart, got home, 4 or 5 hits and then it just stopped NO GOOD:(

  35. Comment by jason (Date: January 22, 2012, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I have a serious problem with n joy I was a beleiver of ur product and used it for wor..I recently have had back surgery and used the product to quit smokin do to my spinal fusion today I got a brand new cartridge out of my bottle and had it with me in my pocket I took a few puffs and I noticed it was hot after noticin i t had burnt thru the cartridge and burnt my lip and finger so I took it apart and it had burnt thru the fabric and all the thru the plastic cartridge and there’s and pretty good size hole in it that also had burnt me lip and finger…..I can not believe after I have told all of my co workers and freinds and family how well I liked this and they all wanted one that this happen to me I have read thru all the papers that came with it and nothin said to watch out that u might get burnt I would like to hear from u guys as there’s diff a big problem with this it doesn’t shut off I noticed after I layed it on my table as the draft went by it it would light up like some one was takin a puff this is y it had. To of burnt me like it might of been lightin up in my pocket and when I took a few hits it burnt me man oh man I have a blisterd lip and one on my finger I have takin pictures of the both of them and will also send u a picture of the cartridge and my lips and finger I was such a beleiver till today I am so sad that ill have to struggle with the not smokin thing now I am scared it will do it again and my lips are burnt and cant even press down with them they hurt very bad u guys really need to check this problem out b4 america has to go thru what I’ve went thru today..

  36. Comment by Nat (Date: February 1, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I’ve used Blu disposables before without any problem, but this Njoy from 7-11 made me break out in hives. I’m not sure if it’s the propylene glycol or what, but these had a nasty effect on me and I ended up having to take 3 Benadryl just to tone down the awful itching. The vapor volume was also pretty poor and it seemed to be a cheaply-made Asian product.

  37. Comment by FB (Date: February 12, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 4

    The product does what it’s intended to do. My NJOY works well. However here are the cons:
    -Cartridges are somewhat fragile; the covering has separated from the tip, exposing the sponge that holds the liquid nicotine.

    -Flavor could be better.

    That’s about it. It’s not a bad experience at all. I see a lot of posts with “horror stories” and I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of rivalry internet public relations strategy. There’s absolutely no way those types of things could happen (cough cough… Janeen). Sure it’s not an absolute perfection, but its a pretty standard experience and product.

  38. Comment by CD (Date: March 1, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2

    I had the ncig and loved it. I used it on and off and it was fine until I ran out of cartridges then was told they didn’t make them anymore. I purchased the new one yesterday and it is horrible. I could smoke on the other one and get plenty of vapors with full flavor nicotine. This new model you can suck on all day and you mainly get air. There are too many holes in the side and you don’t get hardly any “cigarette” vapors. Now I want a real cigarette more than ever and was doing well.

  39. Comment by BEM (Date: March 31, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 3

    Ok I’ve use these for about a week along with a few other brands.
    The non-rechargeable one are horrable one broke while I was using it and it gave an extremely unhealthy dose of nicotine and made me puke. As for the rechargeable ones I am farly happy with it and has a better flavor but if you want a Great product I would spend the extra money and get a green smoke kit(5 stars).

  40. Comment by Nathanael (Date: April 3, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2

    Am I the only person who doesn’t believe the whole “one cartridge = two packs of cigarettes” hype? This has never been the case for me. A cartridge seems to last me about as long as a pack did, and I’m using it less frequently than I would smoke cigarettes. A normal pack of cigarettes would last me 2 days, and a cartridge lasts me two days. And when you get to the end of a cartridge you can tell because the vapor is harsh and tastes really nasty. It literally made me gag. For as long as it lasts, it doesn’t seem like that much cheaper at the end of the day, which was really the initial draw for me. They’re healthier, I guess, but there are probably better brands where one cartridge would last a lot longer.

  41. Comment by ANNETTE S. (Date: April 12, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2


  42. Comment by Joseph H (Date: April 22, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Horrible product and even worse customer service.
    It lasted for about 10 puffs then died. Only receipt I have is the credit card receipt and they won’t accept it as proof of purchase.
    Shop another brand if you want a quality product. I wish you could write this on their web page so the truth would be known.

  43. Comment by Emily (Date: April 23, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    just bought this yesterday and seince the first puff i already hate it,the filter gets hot and so does the smoke,it just burns and irritates my throat
    has this happpened to anyone else?

  44. Comment by Nate (Date: May 1, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    The NJoy brand was terrible! Bought one to try because it was conveniently offered at the local 7-11, only have the product stop working after 3 hours! It boasts that its the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes, or 250 to 300 puffs of nicoting, and I KNOW I did not smoke that much in three hours, I am not a heavy smoker! I would not recommend this brand, and would highly recommend taking part of a “free trial” of e cigarettes before you decide to invest your time and efforts! Most of the e cigarette brands worth buying offer some type of a trial offer. BE WARNED STAY AWAY FROM NJOY! Currently seeing if I can get my money back!

  45. Comment by Sandy B (Date: June 12, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I give it 4 stars. I bought the starter kit and 5 cart refills yesterday afternoon. I let it charge as the instructions said, and then started using it. I was a pack a day smoker and in the past 24 hours, I have had one real cigarette.

    I’m not sure how the regular type tastes but the menthol tastes alright to me. Yeah the vapor is a bit thin but if you take slower puffs you’ll get more smoke.

    I haven’t had to recharge it yet so the battery seems to be decent. So far so good.

  46. Comment by Thomas Brunner (Date: July 18, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I like the NJOY. The batteries could last longer. You have to get a 2nd battery so you can use it all day. Slower puffs and a 2nd battery works well. I am 59 years old and smoked 3 packs a day. Now 2 cartridges a day.

  47. Comment by Jose (Date: July 31, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Recently I purchased Njoy e cigs from walgreens…and Im so disappointed. I spent $20.00 on a starter kit and $20.00 on five pack of cartriges. All they do is make me and my wife cough…they are impossible to smoke now Im out of $40.00 bucks

  48. Comment by Beverly miller (Date: August 12, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2

    Went to a local 7-11 while I was purchasing my regular Cigs. I seen. Something new on the shelf i wasn’t sure what that was i said too myself must be a new cig. So. The cashier gave me a closer look and said it’s a electronic. Cigarette . So i ask him how much he said $19.99 For the the kit and $19.99 For I guess the refills. Which i. Said that’s Not bad,But not knowing anything about it, so i said. I was going to do my research on This product online and the reviews was Not Good for me to spend $40.00 on. I Will. Stick to my regular cigarette and Take it One day at a Time,But to Make a Long Story Short Do your research first before Making a purchase.

  49. Comment by Debbie Evans (Date: September 18, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I have purchased 2 starter kits. The first one would not ever charge, the second one actually popped an a hole came up on the side. I even bought the 5 pack refill an lot of them had holes in the side. I am very dissapointed in the product.

  50. Comment by Vickster (Date: October 9, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Do NOT Buy this. It’s poor poor poor. The battery barely stays charged so you can only get an hour or so of use before it needs another charge. The saying you get what you pay for is true. I got this at Walmart for a friend who smokes and she can’t get past an hour or so of use.

    -0 RATING.

  51. Comment by Rhonda (Date: December 14, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2

    Of the 3 brands of e-cigs I’ve tried so far this one was probably closest to simulating actual smoking, however, and this is a big however, there is NO WAY the product delivers as much as it claims it does. I have purchased 2 disposables at separate convenience stores just to be sure I was giving it a fair shake and both failed miserably when it comes to measuring up to claims of equaling two packs each of regular smokes. With the first one it was closer to 3/4 a pack and with the second less than 1/2 pack. For almost $8 each that’s extremely expensive! No more Njoys for this consumer!

  52. Comment by Jody Adams (Date: December 22, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    my njoy only last 6 hours. it also let juice (or what ever that taste is) in my mouth right after i bought it. i am not satisfied with this product at all this is the second one i bought the first one didnt last half as long.
    very disapointed with the product. i paid 7.99 plus tax for both i would like a refund.
    p.s. i bought this item cause i am trying to quit smoking,and its not working i had to buy a pack of cigs cause i could not return it at the store i bought it from…

  53. Comment by Damien (Date: March 18, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    In mine and my fiancés opinion it tastes like a fog machine and after a while plastic

  54. Comment by shawn (Date: June 16, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 2

    at first when i change the cartridge it is ok but towards the end it has a funny burnt taste and it does not last as long as a pack of cigs

  55. Comment by dan crampsie (Date: June 17, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    while I found it to curb my urge to smoke I bought the single pack because it said it was the same as 2 packs of regular cigarettes which made it around the same price however it only lasted a few hours , I usually smoke around 1 pack a day so for it to last around 5 hours was a TOTAL RIP OFF and feel the package falsely portrays the life of the product also the taste was rather bad it was nothing like the real thing at all I will not try this product again it only lasted about as long as a 1/2 pack and at $7.99 plus tax that’s way too expensive I would like to know how to get a refund u requested my email to post this review please use it to tell me how I get my hard earned money back

  56. Comment by Portia (Date: August 7, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Has anyone gotten bad migranes and headaches with nausea from njoy kings? I started njoy when I quit smoking months ago. Never had migraines and now due to njoy I do. Do not buy them.

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