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Smokestik Electronic Cigarette ReviewSmokestik was one of the pioneers of the two-in one electronic cigarette – instead of cartridge and atomizer it has a disposable “cartomizer”, been around from 2008. Since then, a lot of competing brands have appeared. Read the SmokeStik review and user comments to see if this is the right choice for you or if there are other brands y0u prefer.

  • Starter Kit Price: $89.95 to $99.95
  • Cartridge Price: 5-pack cartridges – $19.95/ Single Cartomizer – $4.95
  • Free trial: not available
  • Flavors: 5
  • Nicotine level: up to 16mg
  • Bonus code: ECIG10 to get a discount of 10%

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Product Description

SmokeStik Electronic Cigarettes is a popular brand in USA and is used by several celebrities and personalities for its quality assurance. It is an automatic smoking device with a unique technology. You can buy the product in four varieties: SmokeStik Premium, SmokeStik Jet, SmokeStik Royale, and Exclusive Platinum.

The brand recently opened shop in North Carolina, and has incorporated several new facilities to produce and ship out higher volumes of products.

SmokeStik electronic cigarette functions on the similar lines of other electronic cigarettes, but has an exclusive and a new technology in its products. The Cartomizer Technology has been introduced by SmokeStik recently, which gives users several more benefits when compared to the traditional atomizer. It combines the functions of a cartridge and an atomizer, thus making the cigarette a two-in-one product.

The SmokeStik Cartomizer has a lot more capacity of puffs, which can appropriately match up to 30 regular cigarettes. It also generates more smoke, and can create a closely simulated feel of smoking. These cartomizers are also disposable, which makes it a more convenient, two-piece smoking device, eliminating the purpose of a separate atomizer.

The SmokeStik Starter Kit includes two high-density rechargeable batteries (Lithium Ion), and a full charge on a single one can last you more than a day. Each of the kit comes with cartomizers in three varieties- High, Medium and Menthol. You can choose the strength of SmokeStik cartridges as per you personal preference- High (16 mg), Medium (8 mg), Low (4 mg), Menthol (8 mg), and Non-Nicotine (0 mg).

There are several SmokeStik accessories that you can choose from, like the Exclusive Royale Case, the Carry Case, Speciality Batteries, Premium Battery, SmokeStik Replacement atomizer, and home chargers.

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on all electronic components (includes the batteries end of life, which is about 4 to 6 months of constant charging). The limited part is that to qualify for the warranty, customer must be buying at least $50 every 4 to 6 weeks.



Most of the Smokestik reviews by users are positive. But to be honest, with the price you can nowadays get better brands. 4 stars from us as this is not the most amazing product out there, but at the same time, it’s a good quality product, that won’t let you down.

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Here is what our visitors users have said:

  1. Comment by Bonnie Sweningson (Date: October 6, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 3

    Just started my product yesterday.  Not real impressed by the flavor.  Better than smoking, but not sure if it is cheaper.   Replacement "Cartomizers"  are not "9.99"  but 5 for 17.99 plus shipping.  I may look for a brand that has cheaper replacement cartrige cost.

  2. Comment by Rick McKay (Date: October 14, 2010, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Our SmokeStik kits ship with cartomizers that we developed, that consists of a cartridge and atomizer in one metal tube.

    This allows us to get far more vapor production, consistancy, and longevity out of one single cartomizer, than 3 cartridges combined. It is by design that you cannot seperate them, as they are one.

    The taste preference is very subjective. We have 50,000+ customers who love the taste, but it is very hard to please everybody. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to try if for yourself, minus shipping and handling.

    As for the cost of the product, the old addage rings true… You get what you pay for… Both in Quality of Product, and customer service.

    Rick McKay

  3. Comment by Jerod (Date: October 19, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I got the idea of the smokestik ecig from kathren heigal on the dave letterman show. I ordered 3 minutes later. I’ve vaped on a few ecigs in the past but none offered the thick vapor and battery life like the hendu elite. In my opinion,smokestik makes the most advanced technology in the market. The customer service is 2nd to none. My charger broke within 1 day and it was replaced in 2 days. “Free of course”I haven’t had a real cig in 2 weeks now and I can really feel the change in my life. Also the hendu elite comes in handy when I’m deer hunting. I don’t spook them with the smoke odor. I also feel safe vaping around my 6 year old son now as well. I hope the technology keeps getting better and the smokestik brand gets more recognized other than stylish hollywood actors.

  4. Comment by Steve (Date: November 21, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 5

    i just got my starter pack today really fast shipping, i order it on thursday got it on saturday, just in time for the weekend, i like it so far, now i can work on my desk without having togo outside to light a cigarrette, and in my car without opening the window.

  5. Comment by A (Date: November 24, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I bought a SmokeStik kit for both my husband & me. I love it; I have not smoked since I got it. I did miss a real cigarette for a few days, but the Smokestik really does satisfy me. My husband is still smoking.

    The menthol flavor is really good, and I can smoke inside.

    To me, the battery life is pretty short. I bought four battery sticks, and they die pretty quickly. I smoke at least 2 cartridges a day. I only smoked about 10-12 cigarettes a day, but I do find myself puffing away more than I did before. I do wish the cartridges lasted longer. I don’t think it is cheaper than smoking. I am spending at least $7.00 a day in cartidges.

    The “smoke” is great. No complaints at all. I bought pink & royal sticks. I like the pink best.

  6. Comment by Jessica (Date: December 16, 2010, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I recieved my Smokestik the day before Halloween 2010, havent had a “normal” cigarette since (its now Dec 2010). I love my Smokestik, yes the “batteries” dont last long, but you get 2 in the kits. I got the Hendu Elite in sliver, thinking of getting another in pink or gold. I do find that I “puff” alot, but I can now inside outside and anywhere in between. I havent tried any other e-cigarette, nor will I. Customer Service is awsome, friendly and take care of whatever your concerns are. The only downside is some of the cartidges leak, but that is very easily fixable.

  7. Comment by Cindy (Date: April 28, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 5

    Taking the time to comment on a product is quit unusual for me, but I am so excited I feel like I need to share my experience. Been smoking since I was 16 and now I’m 48. Anyone who has smoked for this long is well aware of how hard it is to quit and I was ready to quit forever. After hours of exploring which company I wanted to use, I chose Smoke Stik Hendu Elite. I continued my Newports and Hendu for 2 weeks and then switched to electronic exclusively. That was 2 months ago. My Hendu Elite Menthol cartriges have great taste and completely satisfy me. I forsee never smoking again & I feel Great! Thank you Smoke Stik!!!

  8. Comment by john march (Date: July 11, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 3

    great product , but find i cannot aford the replacments.

  9. Comment by cosmina (Date: August 18, 2011, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    really,stop writing bs people the taste it’s like medicinne.i order mine from uk,plus they didint send 5x 5 packs awaiting stock no1 is green smoke.all the best

  10. Comment by terri (Date: August 25, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 1

    most horrible taste ever, tastes like hay with a lingering aftertaste returning

  11. Comment by Steve G (Date: October 10, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 4

    due to Mayor Bloomberg’s obnoxious cigarette taxes in NYC, the price of cigarettes jumped from around 5 dollars to over anywhere around 15 in some parts of the city. 10 days ago I switched to SmokeStik and haven’t looked back. Good “Smoke”, OK taste. Got 4 stars only because battery life on the original model is a little weak.

  12. Comment by Rick (Date: November 14, 2011, IP:
    Rated: 3

    The battery does not last a full day unless you really use it just occasionally. I used to smoke 15-20 analogs a day and my battery last about 1/2 to 3/4 day. Other than that, the Smoke Stik is a good choice. The cartomizers are of a very good quality and I refill them up to 8 times. No burning at all like in other models that I have tried. Just wished they would sell the blank cartos since their e-liquid is ok but I prefer a more flavorful taste.

  13. Comment by Dawna (Date: February 4, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2

    the times i actually use the smoke stik it is ok .. it has somewhat sweet taste to it almost like im smoking a swisher sweet… tastes nothing like a real cigarette… so i find myself falling back to the taste that i enjoy which in turn i begin smoking again. the other downfall is the stick is very heavy .. i dont know how many times i have dropped it just for the fact that my fingers have a hard time holding it up… i also notice that after using it for a day my mouth is very dry and the tip of my tongue almost feels like i burned it on hot soup or something.. i might be using to high of a nicotine cartridge tho… not sure

  14. Comment by Diana (Date: May 7, 2012, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    The best way to describe the “Menthol” flavored would be Vicks with Cheyenne Pepper. I ordered the regular menthol and menthol lights, they both taste nothing like any cigarette I have ever smoked. I haven’t ordered from them in 2 years, but I don’t remember them tasting that way 2 years ago. I wonder if the regular non menthol taste better. My batteries and charger still work, no problems. Customer service was great and I do like the fact it’s not a monthly mandatory subscription. The cigarette is quite heavy, I cannot hold it like a real cigarette for any length of time. I didn’t return them or even try to since I waited well over 30 maybe 60 to even open the packages. I remember them having kind of a sweet taste, this is not it.

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