What Is An Electric Cigarette?

What is an electric cigarette?An electric cigarette or electronic cigarette or smokless cigarette is a battery-run smoking device that serves as a healthier substitute over the regular, tobacco-filled cigarettes. Such cigarettes are electronic replicas of the real cigarettes, and look, taste and feel almost similar to them. They, however, do not possess the harmful substances, such as tobacco and toxins, that are contained in cigarettes, and thus cut down on the health and environmental risks attributed to smoking cigarettes.

Electric cigarettes are also known as personal vaporizers, and they are designed to produce flavoured vapours to simulate the feel and sensation of the real cigarette. These virtual cigarettes do not produce any kind of smoke and carbon monoxide, and also do not leave behind ash and flames. Since these devices do not produce smoke but only a smoke-like vapour, they do not leave your mouth and your clothes with the strong cigarette smell. It is due to these factors that there are almost no restrictions to the use of these products anywhere and at any time. You can use an electronic cigarette at the airport, at a restaurant, and in the public bus, without creating any hassles and issues with your neighbours.

An electric cigarette works with the help of three components: the cartridge, the battery, and the atomizer. The cartridge, also known as the mouthpiece, is the disposable part of the e cig that holds the dissolved nicotine solution in a cup-like container. When the smoker takes a drag, the nicotine vapour is sucked into his mouth.

Electronic Cigarette Components
Picture from Cooler Visions Electronic Cigarettes web site.

The battery is used to operate the microprocessor that controls the heater (atomizer) and the LED device. Generally, a lithium-ion battery is employed in electronic cigarettes, and these are rechargeable. You can charge it on a daily basis using the USB charger that comes along with it.

The atomizer is the heating component of the e cigarette which vaporizes the nicotine so that it dissolves easily in a liquid solution, which is most commonly propylene glycol. Some cigarettes function using an automatic airflow sensor that activates the atomizer, while some function through en electronic circuit at the press of a button.

E cigarettes come with an LED device installed at the tip, which, when lit up, gives the look of a real lit cigarette. The device lights up as soon as the smoker takes a drag on the cigarette.

Electric cigarettes are considered to revolutionize safe smoking and are also a much affordable option for smokers. Make sure to read electronic cigarette reviews before buying one as not all the products out there are of high quality.

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