Cheapest Electronic Cigarette

Cheapest Electronic CigaretteIf you are looking for the cheapest electronic cigarette, there are a few things besides the price of the starter kit you should know about:

  • Quality
  • Cost of refills
  • What is included in the starter kit

As with many things, cheap is not the best option. The same goes with many e cigarette brands. But there are some options, and I’ll try to give you an overview of what to look at when you are looking for cheap electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Prices And Bonuses

The price tags of e-cigarettes used to be really different – from $30 to $300. But lately the prices of most expensive brands (Green Smoke, White Cloud) have come down and cheap (low quality) brands are out of business. So, you can usually get any brand’s starter kit for around $60. Of course it depends how many batteries, cartridges and accessories you include. But generally, nowadays you should pay around $60 to start using a decent e-cig. There are discount coupons as well (we have coupons for all of the top brands reviewed on our site). You can get around 10% to 15% off with most of the brands.

Here are the current prices of starter kits (without discounts):

  • South Beach Smoke – $59
  • SmokeTip – $59
  • V2 Cigs – $60
  • Blu Cigs – $69
  • Green Smoke – $65 / $100

Also, e cigarette companies sometimes have special promotions, so you can get them even cheaper (usually around 15% – 20% off). If you want to hear about them, add your e-mail address in the “Best Deals On E-mail” box on the right and we’ll send you information as soon as new deals become available.

Cost and quality of refills

The price of electronic cigarette starter kits is not the only thing that is important. The cost of cartridges can vary quite much as well. Also, some cartriges last longer, some last less.
For example, the cheapest brand’s (South Beach Smoke) cartridge price is actually quite high – around $3.5. Whereas the price of Blu Cigs is $2.4 and or SmokeTip is less than $2 (and you can order when and how much you like).

Price per cartridge:

  • SmokeTip – $2
  • Blu Cigs – $2.4
  • V2 Cigs – $2
  • Green Smoke – $3.4
  • South Beach Smoke- $2.7
  • Njoy – $4.4

But that isn’t all – puffs per cartridge is important as well. Green Smoke has recently introduced their FlavorMax Cartomizers, and you can get around 360 puffs with one cartridge. Whereas with most other brands you can get up to 250 puffs (also with SmokeTip). So, Green Smoke’s cartridges are more expesive to buy, but they last much longer as well.


Watch out, there are lots of low quality cheap e cigarette brands out there. You can get a Njoy electronic cigarette from your local mall or 7-Eleven for just $20, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be useless. Just read the Njoy reviews by users. Most of them say that the purchase has been a total waste of money.

A good quality e cigarette should:

  • Produce lots of vapor
  • Have a long lasting battery
  • Not leak
  • Have all the cartridges working

Water vapor production is one of the most important aspects about the electronic cigarettes. If the electronic cigarette produces lots of vapor, it feels like the real thing and you will easily get used to it. But if there is not enough vapor, you will not enjoy it and you’ll be back with your regular cigarettes really soon.
Leakage is another common problem with many cheap electroic cigarettes. It feels really bad when the electronic cigarette liquid starts leaking and coming to your mouth.
Some brands produce low quality cartridges, that often won’t work. It will be quite expensive if you cannot use half of the cartridges you have bought.

What is included in the starter kit?

Most electronic cigarette starter kits are the same. What usually differs is if there is an extra battery or not. The extra battery is a really useful thing, as you can use one battery while you charge the other. It’s highly recommended to get 2 batteries.

Here is what you get with different starter kits:

  • Green Smoke Social Smoker Kit ($99, get 5% off with our bonus code) – 1 battery, 5 refills
  • Green Smoke Starter Kit ($129, get 10% off with our bonus code) – 2 batteries, 10 refills
  • Blu Cigs Starter Kit – 2 batteries, 5 refills
  • V2 Cigs Standard Starter Kit ($59.95, get 15% off with our bonus code) – 2 batteries, 10 refills
  • South Beach Smoke Starter Kit ($29 / $59) – 1 battery, 6 refills
  • SmokeTip Starter Kit ($59) – 2 batteries, 6 refills

Best electronic cigarette brands

Electronic cigarette price can be very different. The most expensive brand (White Cloud’s Phantom) costs almost $200. It surely is a great brand, but it’s not so much better than some of the others. It’s a luxury brand. Our best rated electronic cigarette is Green Smoke, which also has the best user reviews.  You can get the starter pack for $65/$100. It surely produces amazing amounts of vapor, the batteries last long and flavors are really nice. It’s recommended to go with this brand, if you have a bit more to spend. This is a product you are going to love, it is small and convenient, and looks very similar to a regular cig. If you buy a cheap electric cigarette you are most probably not going to use it and it will be a waste of money, that’s why we always recommend to buy Green Smoke – it’s worth every penny.

Free electronic cigarettes

Whatever you do, please don’t even think about getting involved with a free electronic cigarette campaign. They are actually not free at all. The companies tell you that you are going to get a free trial electronic cigarette. But what that usually means, is that they will take your credit card data (for shipping and handling cost) and start billing it monthly, usually at least $100 every month (this is way too much). And you will have lots of trouble cancelling the order as most of these companies will not be reachable by e-mail and phone. They’ll just ignore you and keep on charging your credit card. Also, the products they provide are of very low quality.


If you can, buy Green Smoke, this is definitely the best brand out there. But if you’re low on budget go with SmokeTip – it’s the cheapest electronic cigarette (low starter kit and cartridge price) and a really nice one, very suitable for the beginners.