Cooler Visions Review

Cooler Visions ReviewCooler Visions E-cigarettes claimed they support a smoke free environment. But sadly, it seems the company is out of business, as the website has been down for quite a while now.

  • Starter Kit Price: $89.95 – 129.95
  • Cartridge Price: not known
  • Free trial: not available
  • Flavors: not known
  • Nicotine level: not known
  • Bonus Code: save$30 to get a discount of $30

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The first eye catchy thing about Cooler Visions Electronic Cigarettes is its ‘green’ LED light at the tip of the device, that reflects the brand’s eco-friendly message behind its products. The entire package of the e-cigarettes is designed keeping this theme in mind. They claim that each of the Cooler Visions cartridges can last you for as many as 400 draws, which is equivalent to almost two regular packs of cigarettes (that actually seems to be really unlikely).

The Cooler Visions Starter Kit comes with six tobacco-flavoured atomized cartridges, a premium battery (rechargeable), and the Cooler Visions Electronic Cigarette. They say that the product has been fitted with a premium technology that works on micro electric principles, which puts in the best performance in every one of Cooler Visions Cigarettes. It is the micro-computer, which is installed in the atomizer, that powers the e-cigarette. The rechargeable Cooler Visions battery can last you all through the day on a complete charge.

Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Amazingly enough there are no actual user opinions posted anywhere on the web for Cooler Visions e-cigarettes. So, it is difficult to say weather the product is good or not. Also, the website has been down for a while, so it seems the company is out of business. The design of the package looks very similar to Smoke Assist e-cigarettes (which have quite bad reviews).

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