E Cigarettes – FAQ

What are e cigarettes?

E cigarettes (also referred to as electronic, electric, smokeless or vapor cigarettes) are devices that look like regular cigarettes, but create water vapor instead of smoke. The vapor mist that the user inhales can also contain nicotine, but electronic smoke does not contain any of the other 4000 harmful substances that cigarette smoke contains. The mist created by an electronic cigarette is based on propylene glycol or glycerin.

What is needed to start?

To start smoking e cigarettes you need a starter kit. The kit usually includes everything necessary, also 5-10 replacement cartridges. After you have used the cartridges, you need to buy only spare cartridges or e-liquid.

What is included in a starter kit?

In a typical ecigarette starter kit there is:

  • Battery (or 2 batteries)
  • Cartomizers (2-piece design e cigarette) / cartridges, atomizer and e-juice (3-piece design)
  • Charger (wall and USB, sometimes car charger)
  • User manual

What does e cig taste like?

They taste really smooth, similar to a regular cigarette, but not so hard on the throat. There is also a great variety of flavors available – besides regular tobacco taste or menthol you can have cherry, vanilla, strawberry, apple, coffee etc.

Is the vapor hot?

Definitely not. As written in the previous answer, it’s much easier to smoke an e-cigarette than a regular one.

What is e-juice?

E-juice (or e-liquid) is the propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid (also containing nicotine) that the cartridges are filled with. E-juice is sold in small bottles. You need to buy e-juice separately only if you are using empty 3-piece cartridges.

Pre filled cartridges or empty cartridges?

Lately, the pre-filled cartridges have become more popular than the empty cartridges. With the pre-filled cartridges, all you have to do is to join the battery and cartridge and start e-smoking. With the empty cartridge you also have to buy e-juice in a separate bottle and add drops of e-juice into the cartridge. Empty cartridges + e-juice is a bit cheaper option, but there’s also much more mess. You have to be sure to add proper amount of e-juice and make sure the cartridge won’t leak. Pre-filled cartridges are much more convenient.

2-piece or 3-piece design (cartridge or cartomizer)?

With the 2-piece design e cigarette you have the cartomizer and the battery. The cartomizers are pre-filled. 2-piece design is really convenient and a clean solution. After the cartomizer is empty you just have to replace it.

E cigarettes

With the 3-piece design e cig you have atomizer, cartridge and battery. You will be replacing the cartridges, but use the same cartomizer all over again. Eventually you will have to buy a new cartomizer as well, as you can only use one for a couple of months. Some of the 3-piece design ecigarettes have pre-filled cartridges, some have empty cartridges, that you have to fill with the e-juice.

Electronic Cigarettes

2-piece design is much more convenient, although a bit more expensive. Most of the biggest producers are only producing 2-piece e cigs nowadays as they want to provide their customers quality and convenience.

How long will one cartridge last?

One cartridge is usually equal to one pack of regular cigarettes. But it depends on the company. Green Smoke’s cartridge lasts longer than that, some other companies have shorter lasting cartridges.

How to refill an electronic cigarette?

You only have to worry about refilling if you are using the older type 3-piece e cigarettes with empty cartridges. You have to unscrew the cartridge from the atomizer, and use a pipette to add drops of liquid into the absorbent cotton inside the cartridge. Then screw the cartridge and atomizer back together and join with the battery.

Where to buy?

The best would be to buy online. Most of the e-cigarettes sold in shops or kiosks are of low quality and you’ll just have trouble with them. And the advantage of buying online is that you can read the e cigarette reviews before buying and choose the most suitable brand for you.

Which is the best electronic cigarette brand?

Here is an article about the top brands: Best Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke is definitely the most preferable brand out there. But if you are tight on budget Smoketip and Blu Cigs are also reasonable choices.

Can e-cigarettes be used to quit smoking?

Many e cigarette users don’t even want to think of smoking regular cigarettes any more. Some people use e cigs to reduce the amount of regular cigarettes they smoke. Regular cigarettes can be replaced with e-cigarettes for sure, but you cannot get rid of the addiction to nicotine. But this is the same as chewing nicotine gum or applying a nicotine patch. Many e cig users have started with stronger e-liquid and reduced the nicotine volume step by step. Working their way down until they are able to use the 0 mg electronic cigarette cartridges after a while.

Can I really smoke electronic cigarettes everywhere?

Theoretically yes, as there is no smoke or bad odor. However as many people don’t know about e cigarettes yet, be careful. They might not understand if they look from a distance that this is not a regular cigarette that you are puffing on the air plane or in the restaurant.

What is the size of an e cigarette?

The e cigs come in different sizes. The most common ones are the size of a regular cigarette. But some companies have introduced bigger designs, so the battery would last longer and there would be a larger amount of vapor. Although, if you buy Green Smoke, you can get a great battery and lots of vapor with the size of the real cigarette.

How to e-smoke?

Puffing an ecigarette is a bit different from smoking regular ones. But you’ll get used to it. The thing is, you’ll have to pre-heat the atomizer a bit to get bigger amount of vapor. To do that, take a small puff first, and after a second or so take the other bigger puff. It’s a bit difficult to write how to smoke an electric cigarette, so just try, it’s not anything difficult.

How to understand the nicotine volume?

Sometimes the nicotine amount is in milligrams, sometimes in percentages. Full strenth is usually 16mg or 1.8-2.4%. Light is 12mg or 1.2-1.8%.

Battery – automatic or manual?

Automatic electronic cigarette battery works by beginning to heat the liquid when you puff the cig. With the manual battery you have a button you must press to start heating the liquid and then puff. Most people find the automatic more convenient, but some prefer the manual one to have a better control over the amount of vapor. V2 Cigs offers both manual and automatic in their starter kits.

What are disposable e-cigarettes?

These are meant for one time use only. They are cheaper to buy than a starter kit, if you just want to try out the e cigs at first, but in the long run, you should get an electronic cigarette starter kit.

What are USB e cigarettes?

USB E CigaretteWith the USB e cigarettes you get the power from the PC’s USB connection. So, these can be smoked only when you are next to a computer. Green Smoke and some other companies add these types of e-cigarettes to the starter kits and usually they cannot be ordered separately.

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